Grass and Clover

Irish Grassland AssociationGoldcrop has an excellent portfolio of grass and clover varieties and is constantly searching for new varieties and species that will benefit Irish farmers. The company has forged strong links with some of the world’s leading seed companies which is all part of our goal to become the most focused seed supplier in Ireland. Goldcrop represents varieties in the Irish market for DLF Trifolium, Eurograss and Barenbrug.

Diamond Grass Seed Mixtures 2015


Irish farming is undergoing constant change and the challenge for farmers to maintain and improve profitability has never been greater. Every aspect of the farm business is being examined to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Livestock farmers have made great strides in improving the management and utilisation of grass and clover swards and have adapted to extending the grazing season earlier in spring and later in autumn. Regular reseeding and proper grass variety selection are critically important for success. Varieties with good persistence, good spring growth, good autumn growth and good digestibility are to the forefront and this trend is set to continue as grassland research fine tunes the way grassland is exploited.

Goldcrop markets a number of leading grass and clover mixture brands including the ‘Diamond Leys’ and Evergreen’ ranges. The company also produces grass and clover mixtures for a large number of the agricultural retailers in Ireland under their own brands.

“Reseeding is one of the best paying investments on Livestock farms”

Tips for Success

• IDENTIFY paddocks/fields with poor yield performance and low perennial ryegrass (less than 50%)

• TIMING Target a time of year with warm and moist conditions

• SPRAY OFF OLD SWARD with glyphosate at 2l per acre (5l/ha)

• DO A SOIL TEST! Apply lime, phosphate and potash as recommended. Apply nitrogen up to 48 units per acre at or after sowing

• SELECT A SUITABLE GRASS SEED MIXTURE WITH THE BEST VARIETIES and sow at 14 kg per acre (35 kg/ha). Increase seed rate in poor conditions

• A FINE FIRM SEEDBED is essential regardless of cultivation method

• SEED SHOULD IDEALLY BE COVERED and always rolled well to achieve good contact with soil and moisture

• MONITOR CLOSELY for pest attack from the date of sowing. Take action where necessary. Slugs, leatherjackets, fruit fly and rabbits are the main threats

 POST EMERGENCE WEED CONTROL, particularly for docks and thistles. Normally apply herbicide 4-6 weeks after sowing. Get advice on the most suitable product


Diamond Grass Seed Mixtures 

Evergreen Mixtures

The Evergreen Range of Grass seeds are a blend of all Irish Recommended listed varieties and are excellent value for money.
There are 3 mixtures designed for general purpose use, grazing only and silage only.

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Grass and Clover
Grass and Clover Recommended List Varieties for Ireland 2017 Download PDF
Goldcrop Diamond Grass Seed Mixtures 2017 Download PDF
Goldcrop Evergreen Grass Seed Mixtures 2017 Download PDF
White Clover Varieties 2017 Download PDF
Red Clover Varieties 2017 Download PDF



Grass Varieties

Grass varieties are constantly being evaluated in recommended list trial programs, grassland research centre trials and on farms. There is new information coming available all the time about grass varieties and also about grassland management best practice. This influences the choice of varieties for the perfect grass mixture.

At Goldcrop we believe we have the best and most complete portfolio of grass varieties for Irish farmers. We also have the technical knowledge to advise you on how to achieve that perfect grass mixture. In the following pages we give detailed information on grass varieties. The Irish Recommended List is the most valuable source of information on the grass varieties that are available. Varieties are evaluated from a minimum of two separate sowings and four harvest years at a range of sites around the country. Varieties will only be listed if they show sufficient merit in terms of overall yield, seasonal yield, digestibility and ground cover score. Over the past five years for every six varieties tested only one makes the recommended list.

On the Recommended List, grass varieties are grouped into three maturity classes (early, intermediate and late) on the basis of heading date. While this is a useful tool in simplifying the choice of varieties it is more accurate to consider variety heading dates as a continuum rather than rigid groupings.

Grass Varieties
Diamond Grass Seed Mixtures 2017




Grassland reseeding is one of the best paying investments available to grassland farmers. With the current price / cost squeeze facing dairy farmers, spending should be focused on areas that can bring about a reduction in production costs. Grazed grass is the cheapest feed for cows and drystock and grass silage is among the cheapest winter feeds you can produce. Reseeded pastures will produce higher annual yields of grass compared to old swards. Grass digestibility and intake potential will improve. Based on recent research at Teagasc Moorepark the biggest impact on improved profitability from reseeding comes from a substantial increase in spring grass yields and also autumn yields. In a recent trial at Moorepark pastures with 100% perennial ryegrass produced February growth rates of more than twice those of pastures with 40% perennial ryegrass. The annual improvement in profitability is worth over €200 per ha for the 100% perennial ryegrass sward versus the 40% perennial ryegrass sward.

Reseeding & Grassland Management
Goldcrop Reseeding & Grassland Management 2017 Download PDF



Perennial Ryegrass Varieties shown by Heading Date – Timeline Table

The Total Yield, Spring Yield and Autumn Yield data is from the Irish recommended list 2011. Yields are indexed relative to the average of Denver and Glencar. This is done to allow a direct comparison between Intermediate and Late varieties. In the recommended list the yield index figures for these groups are shown with different control yields and are not therefore directly comparable.

Perennial Ryegrass
Goldcrop Grass Seed Irish Recommended List Varieties 2016 Download PDF


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