Goldcrop are among the leading wholesale distributors in Ireland of Silage Sheets, Bale Wrap, Bale Net, Twine and Maize plastic. The company has a number of very successful branded products including PowerNet which is the strongest Net in the Irish market and also Power Co Ex 5 which is a 5 layer Bale Wrap using the most modern technologies during manufacture.

We pride ourselves in having a very close relationship with some of the larger crop packaging manufactures and so can keep abreast with advances in technology.



Clingseal is a new silage sheet launched, which has been proven to reduce top and shoulder losses in the clamp. We believe the new product will prove especially beneficial to those now making silage because of the higher value of this crop and the therefore more costly nature of any clamp wastage.

The way the product works is simple. It is designed for use underneath a conventional, high quality silage sheet. As it’s thinner and subsequently more flexible than conventional silage sheets, it is able to ‘cling’ more closely to the contours of the clamp’s surface and to tuck in better at the sides. This closer fit minimises the presence of air pockets, depriving aerobic bacteria, such as those that cause white mould, of the oxygen they need to grow.

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